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20/92 Video Festival

How do I apply to 20/92 Video Festival?
You can start the application process by submitting payment for the submission fee. Once completed, an automatic email will be sent out with instructions on how to complete the application process. 

What is the maximum length for a video submission?
Video submission must be under 5 minutes. 

What types of videos are being accepted?
We are selecting videos of four categories: Documentary, Animation, Experimental and Dance/Music Videos. We are not accepting video installation proposals, all submitted videos must be able to screen as part of the festival without additional technical needs. 

What if my video falls into multiple categories?
If your video falls into multiple categories, please select one that best represents the overall format of your video. Do not submit one video multiple times in multiple categories. If your video is selected for a category outside of the one chosen, we will reach out and confirm that this selection is in alignment with your vision.  

Are applications limited by location?
We are accepting applications from all locations. 

Do I need to pay multiple fees in order to submit multiple videos?
Yes, each video submitted must correspond with one submission fee.

Does my video need to be 5820 x 1020 pixels? 
Your video can be any ratio. Videos should be at least 1020 pixels in height in order to be screened at a high fidelity. 

What are the jurors looking for when selecting videos?
We the jurors are looking for unique video pieces that showcase a range of technical approaches and subject matter. Both amateur video artists and accomplished filmmakers are encouraged to apply. Videos that take advantage of Icebox Project Space's unique set up will be given priority but are not guaranteed entry.

What should I know about the sound in the gallery?
Because of Icebox Project Space's large scale, sound within the gallery tends to echo. Videos with speech or dialogue should have subtitles included. Subtitles can be included after entry into the festival and are not required for submission. 

When will people be able to see 20/92 Video Festival?
Starting January 26th, 20/92 Video Festival will be screened at Icebox Project Space on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until February 25th 2023. Our regular gallery hours are 12-6pm on Friday and Saturdays and 12-4pm on Sundays. Each selected video will screen at least once a day within an 45-60 minute long genre program. 

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