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Floorplan and Specs

icebox uarts.jpg

Our permanent video system gives artists the power to utilize four synchronized video projectors working together to create large video compositions. On this "canvas" the artist can combine multiple video files, live video feeds, static images, and sound layers in an almost unlimited number of ways.

The diagrams represent the Icebox's unique video layout with four ceiling-mounted projectors represented by the red, yellow, green and blue wall projections. The long east wall to the right receives the overlapping projections from projectors "two" through "four".

Projection size information:
North wall: (pixels) 1026 x 768 (feet) 26x20ft
East wall: (pixels) 2622 x 768  (feet) 72x20ft

Total combined video projection canvas (pixel) 3648 x 768

Projector "one" on the north wall is able to adjust from the corner to the center of the wall, becoming a large isolated single projection screen.

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